What Parents Say

Jordan B. Testimonial

“We absolutely love Pinky Bear! It’s a fun and creative way to potty train with your little one! It makes potty training less of a job and more of a bonding time with your child. Pinky Bear almost arrived earlier than planned! Jorja found the box!”

Jordan B.
Child with book

I bought this product for 2 of my nephews to help with potty training woes. It was great. Both boys enjoyed and made the whole potty training experience go a lot easier.

Tracy W.
Kristy J.

“Made my 2 year old excited to use the potty! She wants to go on her own every 30 minutes so she can see her Pinky Bear! This is absolutely fabulous!”

Kristy J.
Vladimir J

Our little bear friends help us with our potty training.

Vladimir J.
Kynslee Testimonial

“We love our Pinky Bear! We’ve been tackling potty training for two weeks now (at home) and yesterday I sent her to daycare with big girl panties (but no Pinky Bear) and she only had ONE accident (another student was taking too long). This chick has been through A LOT in her two years of life, but this momma is so proud of her and all her little victories. Thank you Pinky Bear!”

Britney B.
Melissa G. Testimonial

“We recently started using Pinky Bear to potty train my 2 year-old. Pinky Bear has made it so much fun and easier than I could’ve ever imagined! Madison can’t wait to find him after she uses the potty!”

Melissa G.
Renee M

We LOVE Pinky Bear!

Renee M.
Brittany W. Testimonial

“We recently started using Pinky Bear and out little one loves going to find treats after going potty!”

Brittany W.

Way past the potty training stage and still loving her Pinky Bear!

Brandi P.
Brenda C. Testimonial

“My grandson is just learning to potty. He loves to hear the story about Pinky Bear.”

Brenda C.

Ever since Riley laid her eyes on Pinky the Bear she fell in love! She constantly asks me for the book to read and bear to hold. Bonus is, she’s learning all about potty training, which is helping this momma out!

Tanya S.
Little Girl Hugging Bear

Sometimes a hug is all you need.

Pinky Bear