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Diapers vs. Pull-Ups: When Should I Make the Switch?

diapers vs. pull-ups

First comes diapers. Then, after a year-and-a-half to two years later, it may be time for pull-ups. Though each child will reach his or her milestones at a different time, parents often wonder how they’ll know that their children are ready to pull on a pair of pull-ups. Use this guide on diapers vs. pull-ups,[…]Read More

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6 Potty Training Mistakes to Avoid

potty training mistakes to avoid

Eventually, every child must be potty trained. Though you may find yourself dreading this next stage in your child’s life, a little bit of preparation can go a long way. By learning about these potty training mistakes to avoid, you can create a more successful experience—both for you and for your child. Not following a[…]Read More

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6 Tips for Improving Your Parenting Patience

improving your parenting patience

Treating children with kindness, love, and patience remains the cornerstone of good parenting. Though the potty training process may cause you stress, it’s important to note that it can be stressful for your child, too. By improving your parenting patience, you can model good behavior for your child—and encourage him or her to succeed. As[…]Read More

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12 Potty Training Reward Ideas for Pinky Bear to Bring Your Child

potty training reward ideas

As your child goes through the potty training process, he or she has a new friend and helper: Pinky Bear! This sweet bear likes to leave treats as rewards for potty-training progress. Still, even the best of us run out of inspiration, so check out our helpful guide below for potty training reward ideas. That[…]Read More

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6 Things You May Not Know About Pinky Bear

things you may not know about Pinky Bear

Struggling with potty training? Instead of getting frustrated, start having fun! Whether you’re already familiar with Pinky Bear, or you’re just now getting acquainted, here are a few things you may not know about Pinky Bear. Pinky Bear’s book was designed with toddlers in mind. The beautifully illustrated book, Potty Train with Pinky Bear ,[…]Read More

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What Is the Best Age to Potty Train My Child?

best age to potty train

Looking forward to the day when diapers can become a thing of the past? Depending on your child, that day may come sooner—or later—than you think. Asking the best age to potty train is kind of a trick question, in that there is no all-encompassing age at which a child will ditch the diapers for[…]Read More

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4 Ways Pinky Bear Works Better Than Traditional Potty Training Methods

Pinky Bear works better than traditional potty training methods

Potty training success comes in all forms, but some of the basic principles of the practice are constant. One of those is the fact that your child is not going to warm up to potty training until he or she is ready. With the Pinky Bear method, we believe you can inspire your child to[…]Read More

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Welcome to the Pinky Bear Blog

Pinky Bear Blog

Potty training can, for some, be one of the most significant parenting challenges one will ever face. Because every child is different, there are numerous factors that can affect when, how and how willingly a little one will be willing to make that transition. We’re seeking to streamline the process while making it fun for[…]Read More