9 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the adults you love—it’s also for those you love the most: your little ones! Show them that love is in the air this Valentine’s. Try out these fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids. 

Pick up some paper crafts.

If your Valentine is a toddler, draw and cut out a heart and let your little one put his or her hand print inside. You can trace his or her hand free-handed, or use kid-friendly paint to press their print. It makes a great grandparent gift or keepsake! 

Surprise them with sweet treats in their lunchbox.

Throw in a couple heart-shaped candies or healthy strawberries in your kids’ lunchbox to brighten their day. You could even go the extra mile and craft a happy, heart-shaped sandwich for a heartwarming and mouthwatering meal! 

Share love “vouchers.”

From game night picks to get-out-of-chore cards, love coupons can make your child’s Valentine’s Day even lovelier. It also allows for more fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids to come up.

Send them love notes.

Their crush might not send them one, but you sure can! Write them on fruit peels, tape them to their lunchboxes, or sit them on the dining room table. When your children find your notes, they’ll definitely feel the love!

Take their picture.

A Valentine’s Day photo shoot can cause smiles to arise, giggles to ensue, and laughs all around. Plus, they’ll be able to relive these moments later on. P.S. Props can add to the hilarity! 

Fix Valentine’s Day food.

Make your meals extra “hearty” this Valentine’s Day. From heart-shaped toast with strawberry jam to berry smoothies, you can whip up dishes that taste delicious and make memories. 

Decorate for Valentine’s.

Love is in the air—and can also be around your home. Cut out hearts and line the walls with heart paper chains. Decorating for Valentine’s Day can really help Cupid come to life in your home!

Cozy up together. 

Fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a family movie night or story session. Enjoy each other’s company and settle down with a favorite Disney flick or Valentine’s Day storybook. 

Make cards for others.

Whether for grandparents or good family friends, making Valentine’s Day cards with your little ones can mean a whole bunch to loved ones. Show your love, by helping them share it with others. 


Valentine’s Day is a great day to show the most important people in your life you care. For many of us, the most important people are our kids. Being a parent rewards us every day—in more than just one way. Celebrate these moments and make memories this Valentine’s holiday! 

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