As a mother and grandmother, I always knew there was a need to make potty training a more positive experience for everyone involved. Pinky Bear and the book, Potty Train with Pinky Bear, were carefully created to capture the heart of toddlers everywhere and guide them into their new found experience. The sole purpose is to make potty training fun and rewarding.

Pinky Bear came to be while helping potty train my granddaughter, Ally. Like many young children, Ally was not a big fan of taking time out of her busy little world to go sit on the potty. One day, while trying to think of something to encourage her to ‘want’ to go sit on the potty, I asked Ally if she wanted Pinky Bear to come visit her. It was one of those moments where the question just popped into my head…and thankfully so! The change in Ally’s attitude was immediate – she excitedly ran to the potty and afterwards, helped write a letter to Pinky Bear requesting a visit. Pinky Bear came to life in our home that day.

After our personal success with Pinky Bear, I researched what other potty training tools existed to help toddlers with this major developmental milestone. I was surprised by the lack of FUN ideas out there. So with the support of some wonderful people, I can now share Pinky Bear with the world. Pinky Bear helps all involved focus on the positive, instead of the stress that normally centers around potty training.

I invite parents and caregivers of toddlers everywhere to give Pinky Bear an opportunity to encourage and reward the potty training children in their life!

My family and I hope that you and yours enjoy making memories as much as we have. Get creative and have fun!

Toni Roberts