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"My granddaughter was fighting pooping in the potty. It became traumatic for her parents and grandparents. This program changed everything around in a week. She was pooping in the potty and was so proud of herself! We will be able to use Pinky Bear again in a couple of years for our grandson."

Suzanne S.

Great potty training tool!! We have been using Pinky Bear and it has been phenomenal with helping train my little one!! Highly recommend!

Lindsay W.

We are LOVING Pinky Bear! We've gone 2 for 2 today thanks to this Little Bear! We've been reading this book for 2 months now (she loves it) and now we are training with Pinky Bear! I have one excited 23 month old thanks this bear!!

Jilliane S.

I'm so excited about using this bear! It makes potty training soooo exciting :)"

Brittany M.

Made my 2 year old excited to use the potty! She wants to go on her own every 30 minutes so she can see her Pinky Bear! This is absolutely fabulous!!"

Kristy J.

Pinky Bear is helping us so much with potty training! We love it!

Renee M.

I bought this product for 2 of my nephews to help with potty training woes. It was a great, fun little help that both boys enjoyed and made the whole potty training experience seem to go a lot easier. They loved calling me to tell me about the little treats they got from Pinky Bear when they went to the potty. I would highly recommend this product!

Tracy W.